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Pests! is a competitive game for 2-6 players. Game mechanics include card drafting, modular board, variable player powers, and an action point allowance system. Play time is 45-75 minutes.

You play as an Exterminator who specializes in the elimination of a particular type of Pest: Flying Bugs, Creepy Crawlies, Winged Beasts, Vicious Vermin, Unwanted Guests, or Spooky Specters. You’ve been hired to clear your type of pests out of a house, but when you arrive, you discover that the house has other types of infestations. The homeowner’s hired several other exterminators, each with a different specialty, and only the first to complete their job will get paid.

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Pests! is currently in open playtesting, prior to our Kickstarter campaign launching February 21. If you’d like to playtest Pests!, just fill out the form below and we’ll send you a link to a Print & Play PDF of the game, and once we start the Kickstarter campaign, we’ll send you an e-mail update to let you know that’s happening!

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