Welterweights Rules FAQ

Q: Does “cross” mean it hits across the other player?
A: No. A cross is a punch thrown straight with the dominant hand. A right cross will hit straight from the player who threw the punch to the opponent’s left side.

Q: Can I talk about what is in my hand?
A: Yes

Q: Can I lie about what is in my hand?
A: Absolutely. Trash talking, including bluffing, is encouraged.

Q: How do dodges work again?
A: Jerry plays a Right Dodge card to his right, which is Sarah’s left. Imagine that he moved his whole body to his right. Sarah plays a Left Jab card to her left. This is to Jerry’s right. He dodged into the punch and is still hit. Then, Sarah plays a Left Dodge card, to her left. Jerry plays a Left Jab, to his left. Because his left is Sarah’s right and she dodged to her left, away from the punch, she is not hit.

Q: How do the counter cards work?
A: The round counter card is laid on top of the turn counter card, with the round counter rotated so the current round is at the top, and the corresponding arrow is pointing at the current turn on the turn counter card. The round counter card is moved and rotated as turns and rounds, respectively, increase. The point & knockdown counter cards are used in similar fashion.


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